Monday, 6 December 2010


Punk_American and British Punk Movement started in the 70's, heavily influenced by music and the government, often due to youths growing impatient with the government. Punks will often not stereotype themselves, although tend to hang round with others who have similar beliefs/interests as them. Punk has been said to be a creative way of rebelling, the music is all about the lyrics and attitude.
Music_Sex Pistols, Misfits, The Slits.
Fashion_Vivienne Westwood, tartan, mohawks, piercing.
Modern Punk_ Modern "Punks" are a lot more understated I feel. Music and the government is still the main drive behind their sub-culture, not so much the fashion aspects of it. Bands such as Trash Talk, Paint it Black, and Propagandhi could be considered modern punk music as their songs protest heavily against real issues e.g. religion, the government and animal rights.