Thursday, 28 April 2011




5. Pixie Geldof- Offspring of Bob Geldof, her style screams out 90’s revival with her croptop/levi combo.

4. Coco (Eliot) Sumner- Daughter of the Sting, and singer of new wave/indie rock band “I Blame Coco”. Her refined style is punked up with her sharp undercut, similar to that of someone else in our line-up!

3. Mary-Kate Olsen- Former childstar Mary-Kate has strayed away from her twin sister Ashley’s bohemian aesthetic and adopted a far grungier look of her own. Heavy layering and many knits summarize her look.

2. Courtney Love- The queen of original grunge. Widow to the King, Kurt Cobain, Courtney was known for her “kinderwhore” look. Often a babydoll dress paired with ripped tights and mary-jane shoes or dc martens.

1. Alice Dellal- The daughter of former model Andrea Dellal and sister to designer Charlotte Dellal, Alice was destined to be fashion royalty. Alice is a model/musician/london socialite. Her bad-ass attitude and roughed up look makes her number one on our countdown. You can follow her band here.


HOW TO- shredded jeans.
1. take a pair of old jeans, preferably bleached or faded.
2. knees before.
3. cheese grater, smaller holes will work better.
4. grate onto the knee of the jean whilst pulled tights, try to avoid contact with skin (blood on your newly shredded jeans isn’t great.)
5. a small hole and some sign of wear will begin to show.
6. CAREFULLY take a serrated knife and tear the small hole larger.
depending on how large/worn you want the hole to look, apply more pressure to the jeans or pick away at the already frayed seams.


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