Monday, 6 December 2010


After last weeks disastrous critique on our shop sentences, which was completely fair as we stayed way to within the lines, I've decided to get my act together and really push across my ideas about certain pieces we discuss in lectures.                                        

In terms with what I said about Topshop, I feel this was the only point that I put across well. The slogan "Not So Unqiue" is a play on words, as Topshop have a Unique collection which shows at LFW and is highly regarded in the fashion world. The statement expresses my feelings for Topshop well, as I fell that when it comes to a point that someones has a stores "Look", that it might be getting slightly old. I'm also recently finding it hard to distinguish between Topshop and certain other high street stores e.g. H+M, Miss Selfridge etc etc. I think they are heavily relying on what is working/has been working for them instead of expanding and becoming "unique".

It terms of Acne's statement, I messed up. I played it safe and stuck with the first 3 words that came into my head, disregarding everything we'd done the past few weeks in uni seminars. Admittedly, I am a fan of Acne, and this should have perhaps inspired me to come up with something far less bland.  We established in class that Acne have a casual, cool style for young up-and coming creatives living in a city. My final statement for Acne would now read.. 
"Simply Unaffordable to the Casual Creatives"