Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Harajuku Kids_ Common name for the area around Harajuku Station in Japan. On a sunday, various groups of subcultures meet and socialize, many of the youths not conforming to one particular style. Harajuku has played a large part in many designers work for its influential fashion. The Harajuku Girl look could be described as a neon-cyber-goth, mixing bright colours with metallic shades. A group within this subculture are the cosplays, who dress up to imitate anime or other film characters.
Fashion_ fairytale, childlike, animated, cartoon -like, bright, eccentric, eclectic. 
Music_ I feel that Harajuku fashion has been brought more into light with the 2005 release of Gwen Stefanis album. Her dancers were known as the Harajuki girls which resulted "Harajuku Lovers" clothing and perfume under this idea.