Thursday, 28 April 2011


5. Pixie Geldof- Offspring of Bob Geldof, her style screams out 90’s revival with her croptop/levi combo.

4. Coco (Eliot) Sumner- Daughter of the Sting, and singer of new wave/indie rock band “I Blame Coco”. Her refined style is punked up with her sharp undercut, similar to that of someone else in our line-up!

3. Mary-Kate Olsen- Former childstar Mary-Kate has strayed away from her twin sister Ashley’s bohemian aesthetic and adopted a far grungier look of her own. Heavy layering and many knits summarize her look.

2. Courtney Love- The queen of original grunge. Widow to the King, Kurt Cobain, Courtney was known for her “kinderwhore” look. Often a babydoll dress paired with ripped tights and mary-jane shoes or dc martens.

1. Alice Dellal- The daughter of former model Andrea Dellal and sister to designer Charlotte Dellal, Alice was destined to be fashion royalty. Alice is a model/musician/london socialite. Her bad-ass attitude and roughed up look makes her number one on our countdown. You can follow her band here.