Tuesday, 23 November 2010


After revisiting several of the shops listed and websites that belong to them, categories are beginning to emerge in terms of similar customers and perhaps even ethics.
In this post I am going to compare Acne and Dover Street Market. In terms of similarities, they have both embraced the visual merchandising technique of involving art heavily into their aesthetics. Dover Street Market is renown for it's heavy use of artwork as a part of their visual merchandising e.g. the birdcage changing room on the third floor. I feel this "quirky" technique has been adopted by stores such as Acne as an attempt to keep up with their unique shopping experience. On the second floor in Acne, in display by the main window is a carved wooden animal, thus drawing attention from outside passers by.
The difference between the two shops I feel is their layout. Acne is very simply laid out with a lot of space between rails allowing easy browsing. On the other hand, Dover Street Market has quite an eclectic feel to it considering just how expensive some of the garments they are selling are.