Wednesday, 12 January 2011


The grunge scene of the 1990's was primarily known for it's music influences, rather than the fashion. This scene aimed to portray an "anti-fashion" aesthetic with un-groomed hair and a major disinterest in trends. This rebellion inevitably resulted in a new trend; Grunge. Characteristics of this look include checkered shirts, layered clothing and nightwear as outwear in terms of the girls.

This trend was even adopted by fashion designers at the time, such as Marc Jacobs. His Spring/Summer 1993 collection for Perry Ellis was heavily influenced by grunge fashion. However this radical look saw him dropped from the label. 

Marc Jacobs revived this look again in 1996, although slightly more refined. This look was once again revoked in 2010 by several fashion designers, making it still rather current. Alexander Wang's Autumn/winter 2010/2011 collection shows a heavy grunge influence with the use of greys and kaki colours and slouchy layering. Rag & Bone's collection at the same fashion week also had a grunge-esque look to it with chunky knits and oversized garments.